Monday, June 09, 2008

Exciting times

On Valentine's Day an old train carriage was deposited just off Deptford High Street in the old railyard area. Since then it's had several personas in the form of commissioned graffiti and a lot of work done inside an out to turn it into a new cafe.

It's the 'first step' in a regeneration project for that area which is to include the rebuilding of our station (the first suburban railway station in London, built in 1836 and not vastly different today), the building of some pretty swanky housing and the redevelopment of the old railyard area into a creative industries market, where I plan on opening a cake stall.

I've been watching the developments with great interest as I walk to and from the station each day, and am quite excited about dropping in for a coffee on the way home. I'm particularly excited about the prospect of a local cafe open on a Sunday. Our beloved Bear Cafe becomes a Church on Sundays and isn't open to us heathen caffeine addicts.



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