Monday, December 22, 2008

Radio silence

Bloody hell! That was almost four months. I have some reasonable excuses if any of you would like to hear them.

The last four months have held

...a bit of travel. I spent a few days in Rome, which was absolutely wonderful for all the usual reasons - beautiful city, lots of fun and fabulous food. The highlight for me was hiring golf buggies and driving around on a self-guided tour of Rome. It was so much fun! A close second was dinner at an old palace above the Spanish Steps where there were amazing views across Rome. Three days definitely wasn't enough and I'd love to go back there with Vaughn.

...a lot of throwing up, a couple of scans and more expansion than seems reasonable. Pregnancy is an interesting experience! I've started going to aquanatal classes and every couple of weeks the lovely man at the gym sets a new routine for me (and seems to have decided he's now my personal trainer, following me around every time I go the the gym). Our antenatal classes start in February, so brace yourself for some very boring posts as I inundate you with all kinds of uninteresting things about pregnancy and child birth! And to start the ball rolling, Vaughn and I have been watching with fascination as my belly button has gone from being an innie to a flatty and is now threatening to go over to the Other Side and become an outie. I'm worried every time I sneeze that it will be the final straw and I'll start walking around navel first.

...and of course a bit of planning for Christmas. We're heading to Interlaken on Christmas Eve for a week or so of fun and snow. I'm hoping to go sledding and hiking if not skiing. It'll be my first white Christmas. I'm so excited! Just think of all that gluehwein and chocolate and laeckerle and....

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and New Year!

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