Monday, October 30, 2006

It starts

We gave notice yesterday and so have started in earnest the business of house hunting. I've been vaguely looking for a while now, but not to the extent that I had called any agents before this last weekend. The few I managed to get through to (what is it with real estate agencies not being open on weekends? When do they expect people to be able to view the properties? Or do much in the way of looking? Honestly, they want people in full time work, but make it almost impossible for us. /rant) said the properties, which had been up on the websites for a grand total of half a day, had been let. I get the feeling London's might be a tough rental market.

On the up side, tomorrow and Wednesday after work (leaving work early - did you really think the estate agents would work late? Sorry, it just slipped out. I guess I hadn't really finished ranting) we're going to see a couple of nice looking flats. I'm looking forward to having our own place and going decorating crazy.


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